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The Falkland Islands
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The Falkland Islands
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A Service will be held in Nelson to commemorate the Falklands War on Saturday the 2nd of April … please read the notes below … 

April the 2nd 1982, was a sudden and unwelcome wake up call for Britain
And our overseas dependency of the Falklands Islands, they had been invaded by an unwelcome armed group from Argentina, and by force of arms forced our Ambassador to surrender the islands, which he did not do, but mainly to stop bloodshed , he ordered our outnumbered small Royal Marine detachment to stand down..
Back in 1982 we had two leaders with strong views one was the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the other was the Chief of the Defence Staff Admiral Sir Terrance Lewin,  the Admiral assured Mrs Thatcher, we can take those Islands back.
And so a matter of a few days later an Armada of Royal Navy and Merchant Navy ships 127 in all, were on their way to the Falklands. They were our people, and certainly under Mrs T, you did not mess with our people.
The American US Navy historian Arthur Herman announced that retaking the Islands was a military impossibility, Admiral Sir John Fieldhouse running the campaign from the UK headquarters, would disagree with those comments.
10 weeks later Arthur Herman was proved wrong.
However as always there was a cost, we lost 5 ships, and a lot of sailors both Royal and, Merchant Navy, the Army and Air force faced big losses, following some harrowing and brave actions, 255 of our service people were killed, 2 Victoria Crosses were won, and we must also remember the 3 Housewives of the Islands who were also killed during Argentinian shelling, and the Argentinians were to lose 650 lives and many aircraft and their Naval Warship The General Belgrano.

On Saturday the 2nd of April 2022 at 11am at the Cenotaph, Cross Street, Nelson, by the Town Hall, A Service of Remembrance will be held, for all who were lost at the Falklands, and to think of not only them, but also their families, and those who came back injured in mind and body, and many of these people struggle today.

The Service will be taken by the Rev Christopher Casey, himself a Falklands Vet, a wreath will be laid by a Royal Marine SBS Veteran of the conflict Paul Barlow, and the Mayor of Pendle Cllr Neil Butterworth, also a Veteran will Attend.

The Armed Forces Support Group are organising the event and would like to invite all veterans from whatever conflicts or services to join us, and their families and the Elected Members and General Public will be very welcome.
Representatives of the Armed Forces will also attend.
Michael Sutcliff
Chairman   Armed Forces Support Group