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80th Anniversary of the D Day Landings commemorative badge
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80th Anniversary of the D Day Landings commemorative badge
Special Projects  |  01.09.2024 6:02 pm  |  33  |  A+ | a-

The 80th Anniversary of D-Day …
We are now launching our NEW and VERY limited edition badge for the coming D-Day celebrations.
Designed in house and made in the UK, with a very exceptional finish and brooch fastening, edged in gold.

It names all the 5 beaches, flags all the five beaches, and AGAIN points out to the many we DO have a history to be proud of.

66% of the Naval ships were British, 75% of the landing craft were British and almost ALL the aircraft on the day were RAF, and everybody goes around thinking it was all American, not so.

If you would like a memento of a great day in OUR History at £5 its a snap and the money goes to supporting the Veterans of today. If you’re part of a social group maybe you would spread the word for me, please. To order, please go to the Web Shop on here and follow the simple instructions ...

For any groups in the Pendle Area(ish) we are doing full presentations about D-Day with lots of Back stories, i.e. the bits not told on the telly, and 3 very personal stories from local men ‘ON THE DAY’ so after dinner talks, afternoon talks and we don't make a charge, but your free to give a donation if you so wish.
Michael Sutcliff