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D Day Veterans Appeal in the Pendle area
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D Day Veterans Appeal in the Pendle area
Special Projects  |  02.06.2024 11:50 pm  |  16  |  A+ | a-

On the 6
th of June this year, the Nation will remember D-Day 1944, the importance to this nation and others is often forgotten, never understood in the first place, or sadly in very many areas today unknown or ignored, often by those who don’t understand, had it not been successful their future here in this country or other European countries would have been in doubt.

Total losses for the day on the 6th of June were around 8000 allied troops, Americans, Canadians as well as our selves were involved around 12000 more were injured, in the first wave of landings 80%were casualties.

 This year 2024 will be the 80th anniversary and probably the last, because the survivors of this great event are now few and far between, BUT there are some, and it’s these survivors in the Burnley/Pendle area we would like to hear from.

Plans are afoot with one of the big national groups to take some of the survivors who would be fit to travel, back across to France to the D-Day memorial on the day for an international service.

So if one of you D-Day veterans  are reading this, or your father/Grandfather/possible Great Grandfather was involved we would like to know, and have a chat, but please remember we are talking ONLY about landing on the beaches or Para-trooping behind the lines. Or being on a Warship on that day 6th June 1944.


Please send details to

The Secretary, Armed Forces Support Group, The Annex, Holmefield House, Barrowford BB98ND

Your name, address, tele Number, your Service details Army, Navy, RAF, which area were you involved with i.e. Beach or area of defence Navy, or behind the lines objective.   No long stories required just brief detail.


We will acknowledge all answers.


Michael Sutcliff

Chairman’ Armed Forces Support Group