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Avian Influenza (birdflu) in Wild Birds

GOOD NEWS! The online reporting service for dead wild birds has been updated to:

  • make it easier for you to report the location of dead wild birds (including being able to drop a pin on a map)

  • report a wider range of wild bird species groups (don’t worry you can still report even if you don’t know what species group the wild birds you have found are, just select the ‘other wild bird’ category).

By reporting dead wild birds you are helping us understand:

  • the risk to different species groups of wild birds
  • the risk posed to poultry & other captive birds
  • the risk of overspill into wild mammals.

If you spot dead wild birds in Great Britain, use the online service to report it or call the Defra helpline on 03459 33 55 77.

Reports are triaged and not all birds will be collected. Wild birds are susceptible to a range of diseases and injuries, and most dead birds will not have been infected with avian influenza.

Explore results from APHA’s avian influenza in wildlife surveillance programme. Check out our:

  • interactive map of reported wild bird mortality and findings of avian influenza virus (bird flu) in wild birds and wild mammals
  • interactive data dashboard of findings of avian influenza virus in wild birds.

Find out more information on how and why we monitor avian influenza virus infection in wild birds and wild mammals on GOV.UK.